We are an Importer and Wholesaler of Thai Food Supplies to Restaurants and Grocery stores. Specialising in Coconut Milk, Rice & Flours, Sauces & Pastes, Dried Foods, Oils, Frozen & Fresh Food, Packaging & Cleaning. All our products are of high quality but also at very competitive prices, with our first class service to match.

Becoming one of our valued customers has never been easier by creating an account online. With the fast and easy approval process, you can have your account up and running and your order processed in a matter of minutes. With our efficient online ordering processes, you are able to save your ordering lists to maximise your time. We value all our customers and aim to go above and beyond for each and every one. If there is a product you are after that we don’t stock, we will find it for you. Please use Contact Us to send us your enquiry or you can call us on 0426 289 289.

MITHREE Trading is a family owned and orientated business. We have been serving the hospitality, massage, cleaning and now households industry for over 30 years. The hard work and dedication we have put into our business have proven in the evolution of the company to be what we are today. We have always listened and cared for our customers, we appreciate all feedback we receive. Because of these inputs, it has helped us adapt to cater to our entire customer’s needs and evolve our operation. Mithree Trading continues to strive to provide the best quality products and services to all our customers as we treasure family values.

We don’t see customers as clients, to us they are family. is owned and operated by Mithree Trading Australia Pty. Ltd., ABN 43 003 659 970

Mithree Trading is a Sydney based company that is located in Lilyfield. We are a family owned business that specialises in products and services within the hospitality industry. Mithree Trading imports the majority of our products directly from leading manufacturers overseas therefore we are able to be a competitive, reliable and consistent supplier.

We pride ourselves on providing a high standard to our customers and cater to the wider Sydney area. We have developed over the years so that we can deliver to our customers in an efficient and professional manner, offering minimal turnaround time from point of order. We will strive to meet any demands required by our customers and provide exceptional service.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any question or enquiries about our service.

Mithree Trading Australia Pty. Ltd.
3/112 Lilyfield Road
NSW 2040
Phone: 02 9555 4600
Fax: 02 9012 0643

  • Fast and easy approval process
  • Reliable supplier
  • Competitive prices
  • First class service
  • Efficient online ordering facility
  • Large range and best quality products
  • Customer focus
  • If we don’t have a product you are after, we will find it for you

MITHREE is a family owned and orientated business. We have been serving the hospitality, massage, cleaning and now households industry for over 20 years.

Our high quality and affordable cleaning products are top of the range and we are proud to say that all our cleaning products are 100% Australian made. Our values are predicated on:

  • Quickness
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Flexible
  • Authentic
  • Centre for Thai Culture
  • Best Products

Also Providing Grocery delivery service we predominately specialise Asian products. This will also change to due customer demand on products you need and would like to see on this website.

Make the switch to an experienced company that appreciates and understands their customer’s needs.

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